A beauty photography session is an empowering experience that many find to be fun and life changing. Whether you are being photographed for your fiancé, husband, or as a gift to yourself, my mission is to help celebrate your beauty and your strength.

I really want to do a session, but I don’t look like a supermodel…

Beauty sessions are for every day women. I have photographed women of all shapes and sizes, and each of them has had a beauty and sensuality of their own. Lighting, posing, and specific camera angles will help emphasize your natural beauty. I love what I do because I get the chance everyday to help women feel divinely powerful, feminine, and free.

I am a little nervous…how will I know what to do?

Don’t worry, everyone is a little nervous at first. I’ll guide you through your whole session; showing you exactly what to do, how to pose, where to look, adjusting your outfits and hair, as well as making you laugh. The sessions truly are fun and inspiring, and you are sure to walk away feeling beautiful and empowered!

Do you retouch?

Absolutely! I don’t deliver anything I wouldn’t want delivered to myself! Every image delivered to you is retouched and album ready - never plastic looking, just a glamorous you!

Will you use my images on your website, blog, Facebook etc.?

Your privacy is extremely important to me. I never use clients’ images without their consent. Each client is required to sign a Privacy Policy that lets me know if I can use any of their images, and, if so, what I can use them for.